I changed again.

Feeding time by D4rkharlequin
Rant In Rage Upon A Page

I have lost absolutely everything for something so pure
It has turned everything I am - no, everything I was into a dream of smoke
I feel as though I have emerged out of one shell only to hide in another
I am forbidden to feel this way if it is supposed to better me;
If love were to better me but love has turned me weak
Love has turned me into something I have always feared
It has turned everything I’ve ever known into dust
My every day is spent with the taste of kisses and the need to pull my hair
I am happy, I am so, so happy
I am so happy that I am angry
Angry and frustrated and scared and confused and upset and…
A wish I wish I had never wished for at all
Because without my visions, my voices, my glitches and my nightmares,
I feel as plain as as paper -
Paper that I never draw upon anymore because all my thoughts are lost
And words that never find their way onto lines because they are silenced
There is nothing to create - nothing creative left in my veins
There is nothing special that I see in the mirror
Nothing that I wish to see in the mirror at all
Everything is despising and I have never longed for madness so much
How I would claw at the door of insanity until my nails bled
Just to get myself out of this “perfect” repetitious nightmare
This “perfect” life of love and sanity and jobs that give me money
Money that keeps me awake every night
Desperately thinking up an escape plan from this one roomed home
A home I have lived at for a year now and still cannot call “home”
It is just a place of strangers - with one in particular that makes me grind my teeth so hard they chip
Who’s very voice makes me want to shout and punch a wall
And I have to hold it all in and just smile
I am falling to pieces
All because I have escaped my past into something better
Something safer
Something that makes me want to scream 
Something that will continue to drag me down by the ankle


The Seat of the Forked Tongue by LostKeep




Alice in Nukeland
artist: Alejandro Dini


Beniamino Leone - 1: WhatTheFuckAreYouSmilingAt? (Paintable Version), 2014   Spraypaint On Canvas  2: Microzooptical from Fioriture series, 2013  Spraypaint On Canvas  3: Frida from Fioriture series, 2014 Mixed Media on Paper  4: Azalea#2 from Fioriture series, 2013  Biro on Paper  5: Lacinia from Fioriture series, 2013  Spraypaint On Canvas

(Source: beniaminoleone)